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Elecom M-SN1UL Mouse

The Elecom M-SN1UL is a mouse that moves the optical sensor to the outer edge where your thumb rests. By doing this it aims to make using a mouse more accurate. We’ll explain how after the jump.

When learning to write you put the pen between your thumb and finger. With a traditional mouse the ball is right in the middle of the mouse as that’s the only place it would fit. Since optical mice have been around they have also had their optical sensors right in the middle of the mouse. However, Elecom have made the M-SN1UL with a sensor out side of the mouse where if you were holding a pen, the tip would be. By doing this it means that your mouse gets the precision of holding a pen while moving it around. The optical sensor on the M-SN1UL is 1600dpi.

Will it actually work as described? or will it just seem the same as any other mouse? I expect the latter but if anyone has used one or will do in the future then let us know if it’s worth buying.

Via: EverythingUSB



mesin absen, sidik jari, access control, keylock said...

wow great gadget!

Hotel Information said...

Wow, that was great info. How much the price?

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