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TypeIt4Me 4.1.1: Tom’s Budget Software Pick

TypeIt4Me has long been a favorite of Mac users. It’s been around for 20 years, in one incarnation or another. TypeIt4Me is a utility that monitors your typing, looks for keyword phrases (called abbreviations in TypeIt4Me) you have defined, and replaces those keywords with the text you have assigned to that keyword.

If you’re thinking this sounds a lot like the AutoText feature in Microsoft Word, or many other word processors, you’re on the right track. The difference is that TypeIt4Me is a system-wide application that will work with almost any open application. You can use TypeIt4Me in your email application, word processor, web editor, or just about any application that works with text.

The text that replaces an abbreviation can be as simple as your name and address, or as complex as a rich text document that contains formatting and images. TypeIt4Me works with variables such as date and time, and can insert the current contents of your clipboard. You can control the position of the cursor, defining its location after TypeIt4Me expands an abbreviation; trigger AppleScripts; or nest other TypeIt4Me clippings within the current expanded abbreviation.

TypeIt4Me is available for $27. A 30-day demo is available.

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