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Shuttle's X50 Touchscreen All-In-One

Similar to the Asus model we just reviewed, Shuttle's X50 is another nettop all-in-one. It too has a touchscreen 15.6" display with a 1366x768 screen resolution, 1 GB of RAM and an Atom CPU from Intel.

I has a 160GB hard drive, a webcam, gigabit ethernet and WiFi, and is sold with Windows XP. There are 5 USB ports and a memory card reader.

How, then, does it differ? Where the Eee is round, the X50 is square. And it has a handle.

Shuttle x50 [Slashgear]

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I have seen this Shuttle's X50 in one game seminar and I got crazy about it. Please provide some more details to buy this.

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